Designed by ineni Realtime, interactive environment by ineni Realtime

Please download the installation file for Microsoft Windows here [ 431 MB ] - updated 25/10/2013


Please download the installer from the above-mentioned location to your computer's desktop.

Ensure that your computer has administration privileges

Double click on the installer and install to your computer.

Run the game after installing (the short-cut will be in start-menu > programs)

More detailed (visual) instructions can be found here 

To run the environment a second time...

Click on the start menu, or press the windows key on your keyboard and start typing ineniMall, you will find it quickly that way. We are researching a modification that will create a shortcut on the desktop automatically, however as yet it is unavailable.

Note that the application's default installation directory is C:\UDK\ineniMall\

Within the Environment:

Firstly, a standard computer mouse will help control head movement.

To move around, use the W A S D keys on your keyboard, and the mouse controls your virtual character's head. If you have a games controller, such as an XBox controller, this will work fine too.

If you want to see the cursor on the screen, right mouse button shows and hides the cursor.

To close the app, press the tild "~" key to bring up the console and type "quit" and press return.

To move without gravity, right click on your mouse, then click on the bird in the top right of the window. Clicking it again will return you to walk mode.

The two buttons in the bottom right of the window are for some extra navigation. The camera button provides a list of available architectural fly throughs, whilst the sign post provides a list of drop-in points around the model.


Please use the standard windows uninstall programs dialogue in your computer's control panel.