Level 3 Gallery

Download the realtime environment for Windows from the following link.

Powerhouse Museum Level 3 Gallery Realtime (415mb)

Recommended Specifications

A Windows 7 or 8 computer built within the last 3 years with a dedicated graphics card.


Unzip the package to a desired location on your computer. Double-Click the "Powerhouse White Box Realtime" short-cut to run the environment.

If project returns errors on stratup, your computer may need the latest DirectX install and Microsoft Redistributables package. which can be downloaded from the following links.

DirectX (250kb)

Microsoft C++ Redistributables (7mb)

Folder Links
Shortcut - "Powerhouse White Box Realtime" (Double-Click to run the Environment)
Shortcut - "Screen Saves" (Double-Click to open Saved Screenshots folder)

In the Environment
Mouse - Hold Left mouse button to rotate head, and aim where you are walking

"W" Key - Move Forward
"A" Key - Move Left
"S" Key - Move Backwards
"D" Key - Move Right

"F" Key - Fly
"R" Key - Show/Hide Lighting Rigs

"<" Key - Change Camera Field of View Down
">" Key - Change Camera Field of View Up

"ESC" key - close application


Project Information

This project is a white box representational 3D model of one of the main Exhibition Spaces at the Powerhouse Museum. The project was undertaken to provide the client with unlimited "White Box" rendered images of the space to be used for montages and marketing material in the engagement of international exhibitions, and showing the space to potential clients.

The specific exhibition this environment was commissioned for was the Miss Dior Exhibition that Powerhouse would like to secure.

This environment provides the ability to show in "White Box" the geometry of the space. It allows free roaming and exploration of the space for the user to get a sense of scale and perspective, and output images at will.

The environment provides the ability as default to walk around the space. Additional custom functions were added which include being able to "Fly"  allowing for an aerial view of the space, turn the lighting rigs on and off to hide them from view, position the view in space, change the Field-of View of the Camera and save High-Resolution (6400 x 3600 pixel) White Box images.

Further functionality can be added to the environment including materials to bring the space to life, movable furniture and partitions to help with planning, interface graphics which can be branded to the client’s needs and include greater functionality and App development to have the environment on Mobile devices.

The resulting environments can be used for visualisation, client engagement, space planning, community engagement, visitor information and many more possibilities.

These are just a few of the broad applications of Realtime Environments, and the Team at ineni Realtime is always happy to discuss your custom virtual needs.

Our environments provide display option and interaction versatility and other interface options including handheld game controllers or Touchscreen Kiosks can be sourced on request.

Our Environments run best on powerful graphics computers with a dedicated graphics card. Specific computer specifications can be provided on request.

If there are any questions about the product, contact: jeremy@ineni.co