Virtual Radiology Theatre

Virtual Environment


Launch Application In Browser

Requires a stable internet connection, and a modern browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Tethering on a mobile phone connection is fine. Not recommended for critical presentations.



  • You may left-click on any major surface to move towards it at a constant speed. Left-clicking again whilst moving will stop you instantly.

  • Holding down left-click and dragging the mouse will allow you to look around.

  • If you find yourself moving too quickly, you can adjust your movement speed with your mouse scroll wheel.


  • WASD keys allow you to move forward, left, backwards, and to the right, respectively.

  • Q & E keys adjust your height

  • The F key will toggle your movement mode between walking and flying. Flying may be useful to allow you to find the best angle for recording still renders with the Camera Tool.

Camera Tool

To access the camera tool, use your mouse to Left-click on the camera icon at the top right of the window. Click on the X icon again to close the camera tool. Find instructions for the use of the video here: